Life Skills Sessions



EMEDITH CONSULTING deliver world-class Life Skills and Entrepreneurship sessions developed in conjunction with national and international strategic partners and expert.   Our aim is to enable individuals develop social skills and motivation needed to function effectively both at personal and interpersonal levels. Our Entrepreneurship programs addresses the practical challenges facing youth entrepreneurs in starting and sustaining business ventures in Nigeria.

EMEDITH CONSULTING provide the following services:

Effective Communication Session

The effective communication session empathically explains what it means to effectively communicate, the attributes of effective communication and the required skills necessary for effective communication. This session also employs time-tested communication skills practice. The aim of this is to enable adolescents and youths understand and appreciate the difference between mere communication and effective communication and its importance to personal and professional success.

Tackling drug Abuse and the peer pressure factor session

Tackling drug Abuse and the peer pressure factor: gives an insight into drug use among adolescents and youths, and how their peers contribute to this unfortunate experience. This session will impact adolescents and youths and impart in them the need to say no and stand their ground against drug, whilst highlighting the short and long term effects of drug use.

Personal Credibility Session

The personal credibility session introduces adolescents and youths to the novel concept of Personal Credibility and its importance to personal and academic relationships. The session focuses on the essence of building trust and how a clear understanding and application of this concept inevitably leads to the ability to influence others. The aim of this session is to highlight the important relationship between communication, credibility, trust and influence to personal and academic success

Personal Effectiveness Session

This is a vigorous and empathic self-confronting session which carefully analyses the personal effectiveness framework of self awareness, personal values and goals, the essence of receiving feedback, self management, time management, avoiding procrastination as well as the essence of being accountable. The aim of the session is to highlight and emphasize the inextricable link between the personal effectiveness framework and personal and professional success.

Awareness of Others Session

This is a necessary and important session for adolescents and youth who encounter and deal with others on a regular basis, be it at home, school or any other environment. The session deals with various communication and personality kinds, individual needs, assertiveness and getting these ‘needs’ met and the essence of the concepts of relationship building, giving feedback and resolving conflicts.

Emotional Intelligence Session

Emotional intelligence: Deals with the intricacies and necessity of this especially important concept to teens and students. The session focuses on what this concept really means and why it matters. The session takes participant on a voyage to discover ways to identify and manage feelings as well as understand the underlying feelings behind our behaviours. This session aims to enable teens and students understand and imbibe the notion of empathy.

Career Education & Planning Session

This is a vital session for adolescents and youths who are undecided as to a potential career path. This session examines the time-tested steps to be followed in choosing a career as well as answers to the various career planning questions that plague the minds of undecided youths

Leadership and Professionalism Session

Through this session, adolescents and youth learn the necessary leadership skills and ethics and approaches they can apply to maximize their productivity within their home, school or any environment. This session is designed to enable adolescents and youth develop true leadership values and achieve greater impact as professionals in the future.

Research Skills Session

The purpose of this session is to enable adolescents and youth gain confidence and facility in using research tools. This session also aims at enabling adolescents and youths attain a deep sense of how to use relevant and necessary resources in research.

‘Living the Simple Magic’- The Success Principles Session

This is a state-of-the-art, robust success motivational session with the aim to provide and motivate adolescents and youths with time-tested principles that allows for the excelling in all areas of life, that is, health, career, personal relationships and family life.

Starting & Sustaining a business in Nigeria-The EMEDITH Principles Session

This session will enable participants deeply and crucially think about a proposed business venture, or a venture already established, with a view to better understand and appreciate the process of business specifically within the Nigerian context

EMEDITH CONSULTING also prepares presentations on specific areas as may be suggested in advance by the Client, to meet specific needs and skills gaps or goals.

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