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We all hear our friends and even sometimes we say it too, ‘’I can do it’ but have we ever stopped for once to actually understand that statement and appreciate what it really means???

Developing the ‘I can do it’ attitude is the best attitude you can posses.

The strongest factor for success is self esteem: Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you will get it.” – Unknown

The truth is: it is difficult to work without the right mindset, you find that you lack creativity and you feel stale. Without the ‘I can do it’ attitude, you become unproductive, feel overloaded towards work tasks.

Our attitude to work and life is largely our own business so it is much about our own happiness that we can control. The ‘I can do it’ attitude in the workplace helps you to accomplish tasks faster and your work performance increases.

Furthermore, your time is managed properly and you tend to have a better work relationship with colleagues, thereby ultimately making things easier and ensuring more successes for yourself.

Developing the ‘I can do it’ has significant benefits for an individual in many aspects.

Let us look at 6 important benefits of it below.

  • Career success: As an employee, your success in the workplace is measured through your performance, with the ‘I can do it’ attitude, you will always think of ways to accomplishing your task in a well defined manner instead of complaining or finding excuses for non-performance. This results in success either through promotion or increased compensation.


  • Motivation: The ‘I can do it’ attitude helps in motivating you to overcome obstacles that you may face during the course of your job. It also determines the way you see the world around you. The moment you are successful in overcoming obstacles, you are motivated to move forward.


  • Productivity: With the ‘I can do it’ attitude, you tend to take more interest in what you can do and deliver. Consequently, you produce better quality work with minimum errors. This in turns improves your overall output as well as productivity.


  • Creativity: Creativity is often spurred by a sense of value in what we do. The ‘I can do it’ attitude is the major trigger to being creative with ideas towards work. You become the one with the creative box when you have this attitude and aren’t afraid to let your creative juices out.


  • Stress management: Stress has a detrimental effect on the health of employees. So how can you cope with it? Stress can be reduced through positive thinking; and with reduced stress, and you begin to enjoy better health and take fewer sick leaves.


  • Decision making: Having an ‘I can do it’ attitude enables better decisions via an objective process. It triggers a healthy thought process that will catalyze your to choose wisely and logically.

Having the ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude at work can help you get a promotion, succeed on projects, meet goals, and just generally enjoy your job more. Thus, developing this attitude is beneficial not only to the organization, but also to the employee as it ensures that one maximises their full potential.

Wishing you all a productive and successful February!!!



What is your biggest turn off on social media? Is it the people who are always negative, those who start drama, or those who are fake? All these and more definitely hold their own weight when it comes to inappropriate actions on social media.

Often times many of us get so carried away with our social media interactions and completely discard our manners. The funny truth is, people like to be treated with respect, care and thoughtfulness online. So this month’s blog article main goal will be about finding ways to do that through social media.


A few basic Dos and Don’ts that could be applied on all social media platforms:

The Dos;

 Do be selective.
You do not have to accept every friend request that comes your way. It’s okay to restrict your Facebook friends list to people you actually know and only follow Instagram accounts with pictures you actually want to see. Hey, your Twitter account can even be educational if you will just get choosy.
 Do model good behaviour.
Our online activity may feel private, but we all know it leaves a permanent mark. That is why we should consider our social media accounts as a future lesson for our kids. If they are not watching now, they will be soon enough. Always model good online behaviour.
 Do practice positivity.
If you like a post, like it! Got an encouraging word to say? Go ahead and comment. If you are going to act impulsively on social media, let this be the way you do it.
Do promote your work.
Social media offers many ways to grow the reach of your business. We are all for taking advantage of these benefits as long as you do it the right way. Instead of harassing family and friends through your personal account, create a new account for your business and allow the traffic to grow. Then you will know that all of your followers are genuinely interested.

The Don’ts;

Don’t be fake.
Yeah, we know. Social media is basically a smoke screen for people to hide behind. But you have got to admit, it is exhausting to try to keep up appearances. Be yourself. Your friends sent requests based on the real you. That is who they want to see online.
Don’t believe everything you read.
If Facebook is your primary source of news, it is time to branch out. Consider the author of each post, article or blog you read and read it carefully—before accepting information as truth and approving the content.
Don’t avoid other tasks.
Browsing through Instagram for a few minutes is fun. Scrolling for an hour is a waste of time. Make sure your social media use is not simply a diversion from other more important things like chores and relationships. We have to maintain balance.
Don’t take everything personal.
I have friends who seem to live and die by Facebook. If someone does not friend them, they think there is secretly a huge war brewing between them and this now former friend. But sometimes it is not about you. Sometimes someone missed your request or just is not signing on as much. Either way, if you truly feel you have been slighted by someone you know well in real life, send them an actual email to ask. If they are a real friend, they will explain, and hopefully a needless Facebook war can be avoided.


Before posting up any updates on social media platform endeavour to put these in mind; Is it necessary? Is it kind? Is it helpful? These three things will help shape your posts.
Thank you!!!



(The EMEDITH principles of starting & sustaining a business in Nigeria)

IMG-20151110-WA001Whilst there have been several postulations on the essence of entrepreneurship education among youths, there is little or no theorizing on how youths who have gained such entrepreneurial education and have a passion for entrepreneurship can practically start and sustain their business, especially where there is a lack of experience and little or no capital with which to commence.

561148_431530256893623_156658181_nThis Christmas bonanza session will, amongst others, identify Youth Joint-Venture Entrepreneurship (YJVE) as a business strategy and model that overcomes the barriers to youth entrepreneurship, especially that of experience and capital.

m66Therefore, MrEMEDITH invites you to his Christmas bonanza session titled ‘Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship’, where he will practically educate and enable inclined youths fulfill their entrepreneurship dream, thereby reducing youth unemployment in the short and long term, whilst creating a parallel and sustainable youth economy in the long-term.


MrEMEDITH’s Christmas Bonanza session that will enable participants;

  • Learn Talent identification and conversion into profitable money-making ventures
  • Acquire time-tested principles for starting and sustaining a business in Nigeria
  • Acquire knowledge on Methods of funding for your business
  • Gain Practical experiences of successful business start-ups
  • Learn about Mentorship in business
  • Have an invaluable networking opportunity
  • • Know the magic behind MrEMEDITH’s model of YOUTH JOINT -VENTURE ENTREPRENEURSHIP (YJVE)
  • …and so much more!!!




• Greg Nwakogo (Managing Partner, Rosberg Legal practitioners and Arbitrators)
• Chidi Nwankwo (C.E.O/Photography Director, Chyder5 Concept)
• Adebayo Oke- Lawal (Creative Designer, Orange Culture)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Undergraduates, graduates, and young adults who aspire to start up a business venture or want to learn how to sustain an ongoing business venture.542513_378941498819166_2125908965_n

VENUE: Newcastle hotel, Plot 15 T.F Kuboye Road, by Oniru New Market Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
DATE: Saturday, 12th of December 2015
TIME: 10am Prompt


EMEDITH CONSULTING, Plot 10B, Flat 5, Noble Court, Noble Close, Elf B/stop, Lekki, Lagos.
TEL: 09090404258, 09090404259.
EMAIL: info@emedith.com
WEBSITE: www.mremedith.com

13891_10152261701928226_2675259248360913641_nYou do not want to be left out of this Christmas bonanza session. So hurry and book your place today!!!



040415_H_Ekeh_VA01.JPGEkeh was born in Nigerian and later went to the United States when he was eight years old. He wrote his main college essay about the struggle he faced when he moved to the United Sates, including being completely clueless in US history classes at school. This made him repeatedly ask his parents why they had moved.
His struggles did not stop him from being the best while at school which later resulted to him being accepted into literally eight Ivy League schools. We all know how hard it is to get into an Ivy League University, and they are generally viewed as some of the most prestigious, and are ranked among the best universities worldwide.
Now Ekeh has to make one of the most important decisions in his life: choose a university where he wants to study. Ekeh’s hard work, persistence and strong desire helped him to reach his dream. Not to mention he has made his parents, school and community proud of him.

Whilst being an academic, Ekeh still had time for other activities. He directs a youth choir at his church and plays the drums. He speaks Igbo and Spanish.

images (5)John Capozzi, the principal of Elmont High School, said that Ekeh is “one of the most humble young men I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.”
His advice to other high school students is simple: “Like my parents always told us, the secret to success is unbridled resolve.”


images (4)Everything starts with the mind, there is a saying that goes “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” Realizing this power of the mind is very essential to being able to actually create the success and prosperity you desire. It plays a prominent role in everything we do; to accomplish anything, first, you must conceive it in your mind.
Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Ebun; he was brought up with very little or nothing. Ebun’s parents did not have enough to raise their kids, leaving him with no other option but to attend a public school. This did not stop him from having fantastic grades at school. While in secondary school; he was always among 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in class, he was one of the best students at school. After secondary school, Ebun’s parents could not afford to send him to a higher institution so he stayed at home and assisted his dad, doing odd jobs here and there, just to make a living. When Ebun turned 18 years old, he decided to get a job. With the help of a family relatives and friends he got a job which attracted a remuneration of just twenty five thousand naira monthly.
download (2)

Ebun did not care how small it was, he worked like his life depended on it, and was very quick to adapt to whatever situation he found himself. After working for a few months, he enrolled in a part-time programme at the University. He did this for 4 years, while still working hard at his job and graduated with a second class upper division. He then applied for a better job with a much bigger remuneration package, he got the job, worked very hard at it and now he is a successful young man with a good life.
The moral of this short story is that, even at the tender age of 18, Ebun had the right MINDSET, he understood his family’s situation early enough and searched for and found possible solutions and he literately “took the bull by the horn”. He did not allow the many challenges and negative conditions; deter him from being the successful young man he always wanted to be. Ebun recognized the power of the mind early enough and he developed a positive mindset. He was able to identify his obstacles and he overcame them.

A scholar named DWECK says MINDSETS is of two kinds;

images (3)

First of all, the fixed mindset: the fixed mindset is the belief that you are born with all the talent, intelligence and personality characteristics you will ever possess. So every situation you face, from the fixed-mindset perspective, is a test of your characteristics. When you live from that place, you live with a lot of fear of screwing up, because you believe it “proves” that the characteristics you were born with are not that great.

Secondly, the growth mindset: which is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in many ways — in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests or temperaments — everyone can change and grow through application and experience. This is the mindset Ebun had towards life.
The point is that,” in the fixed mindset, everything is about the outcome. If you fail or if you are not the best, it is all been wasted; while the growth mindset allows people to value what they are doing regardless of the outcome”. More often than not, the desired outcome follows!
Here is the great news! If you are in a fixed mindset now, you are not stuck there forever. “You have a choice,”Mindsets are just beliefs. They are powerful beliefs, but they are just something in your mind, and just like Ebun, you too can change your MINDSET!!!










These two brothers have been able to achieve something extraordinary with persistence, hard work and encouragement. Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime, 13 and 15 years old are students of Greensprings School, Anthony Campus, Lagos.

They developed an Android based web browser called Crocodile Browser Lite in 2014 which is currently on Google Play Store. Speaking to TechCabal.com, Osine, 13, said he writes the code together with his brother, and his brother designs the USER INTERFACE.Crocodile-Browser

Although, these two brothers are just like every other young adolescent out there but had an eye for computer. So Osine took coding as a hobby, which is not something his peers will ordinarily not do.

Osine and  Anesi  pretty young champs when they both decided to start a company. Initially the company was named ‘Doors’, but later changed the name to ‘BluDoors’ by doing so they took a keen interest in coding at ages 12 and 14 respectively. “I learnt to code by myself. I started in 2013, I used websites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like ‘Android for Game Development’ and ‘Games for Dummies’,” said ANESI

They launched their browser on the Mobango App before taking it onto the Google Play Store so they could reach a wider audience. Their browser currently has around 500 downloads, but no ads yet.

Their mother, Mrs. Ngozi Ikhianosime, a Math teacher, said, “Osine could already use a PC before could read, at age 3.” She also said that the school the boys attended also played a key role in encouraging their love for coding. They had access to computers in school and they both had personal laptops at home.

With regards to Anesi, who is in his final year of secondary school, his mother says, “After Anesi is through with his secondary school education, will attend A levels, after which he will go to MIT in Boston for his first degree, because the university has the facilities he needs to learn well.

As for Anesi, he would like to develop other apps with real-life problem solving applications.





In recent times I get so busy with work and I find myself doing different things at the same time and really not reaching any great result. People call me a multitask-er, like I am literally the QUEEN of that. However, I found out that when I do this, I never really get a fantastic result instead I end up with the barest minimum result.

images (1)


The thing is, I always have so much to do in such little time so I result to doing nothing or not doing them well. Some experts say do the little things first to get you moving and to get the ball rolling while some say do the biggest task that gives you the biggest return first to get the best bang for your time and effort. The thing is they are all right.

But the question here is how we do the big task?

  • Identify the big task is necessary: if you have been making weekly to do lists just like me, there is certainly one task which is more important than the other. You know exactly which one I am talking about. The one you know you should do, but cannot seem to. Designing the plan, writing that chapter of your book, organizing the finance or doing a follow up with clients.
  • Break it down into small, simple tasks: you should take the big task and break it down into really simple steps. When I do not feel like doing a big task, I always ask myself if I have broken it down and more often than not, I have not and even if I did, I did not break it down far enough. List all the steps that are necessary to complete that task and make sure you know exactly what you need to do with each step when presented with it.
  • Concentrate on each simple; when it is broken down into small, simple parts, it gets pretty easy to execute. When you have your undivided attention on one simple task at a time, you give it the attention it deserves and you do it with quality so that each task builds successfully on top of one another.
  • Follow through on each task: Concentrate and follow through on the individual tasks. After writing an article, proofread it; finish free writing the introduction of your book, fully brainstorm the idea, etc. before moving on to the next task. Remember, when you follow through, the rest of the big task becomes easier. There is no more going back and forth. Get it done right the first time so you do not waste time looking or going back to it.


If you follow these few methods, you will find things become less stressful, easily manageable, and very rewarding as you realize how productive you were that day. Then arrange items on your to-do list in order of priority.

There is extreme power in Doing Just One Thing at a Time. We tend to feel more in control of our situation, the single task has our fullest attention and we get a ton of work done as well.

I usually have my to-do list written in my notepad with the biggest task being broken down into smaller, easier ones and on top of that, I have this quote written by Thomas Carlyle – “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” This is something I learnt in recent times.

To do with quality, what simple task lies clearly at hand.





Growing up I have always kept my thoughts to myself, I spend my weekends and after working hours in doors, I’ve very few or no friends, hardly go out and even when I do, I always keep to myself and tend to reflect inwardly a lot.
In my early twenties, after my university degree, it was time to get a job, so I applied for a job in an organization. We all know how difficult and challenging it can be to settle in a new job, I wasn’t sure what and when to speak out, this and much more I was facing. Then it began to affect my work, it seemed like I wasn’t good at everything I did, my bosses began to question my abilities to work.
Then one day, I knew it was time to step up, I came up with a strategy called (The Timid girl strategy) I bought a pack of sweets for my colleagues at work, I knew it was time to up my game unless I would lose my job. I made a huge step, one that I have never taken, I invited two colleague from works to my house for a Sunday lunch, trust me I did everything needed so I don’t turn out to be a looser ( LOL ) and through that invitation and sweets I had continuously gave out; I began making new friends, sharing ideas and now I am so much better at my job, I can now easily ask questions when I get confused. Sometimes even when I don’t speak to anyone at the office someone would walk up to me asking for sweets (WINK) so you see, that was my own little trick and HOW I WAS ABLE TO BEAT SHYNESS.


This personality trait is something we have all had to deal with at some point in our lives and it has its own benefits and drawbacks. Shyness shouldn’t be thought of as something you can’t deal with or get over. “I think it’s good for people not to see it as a bad thing but rather as a way you can think actively as you go into a situation.”
You should never allow your being shy become a barrier to success in anything you want to do and achieve. You should be able to utilize Shyness to your own benefits.

Now ask yourself  “How can I Beat Shyness?”
Understanding Shyness: The Americans say Shyness is the tendency to feel awkward, worried or tense during social encounters, especially with unfamiliar people. Severely shy people may have physical symptoms like blushing, sweating, a pounding heart or upset stomach; negative feelings about themselves; worries about how others view them; and a tendency to withdraw from social interaction.

Realizing your worth: Now that you understand you need to realize yourself worth. Shyness most generates from being insure and not knowing your worth. You’re constantly thinking you don’t have anything valuable to contribute so you would rather not say anything at all. Did you know that the people most inclined towards shyness are often the most thoughtful? Yes they are! Make up your mind as to wanting to speak up more often especially when you do not want it. Get out of your comfort zone… Understand that sharing your insights with people is doing them a favor. Then once you get used to opening up, you’ll notice how positively people react.

Practice and persistence: “ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY’ but with continuously speaking out to people and sharing your insights, in due time you start to feel comfortable with yourself and interacting with others. By doing this you also tend to realize other people aren’t so different from you. Everyone is insecure and afraid of embarrassment. Other people usually aren’t as smart as you think. If you have a question, chances are someone else is wondering about the same thing.

You too can beat this.. All the best!

The EMEDITH Adolescent of the Month for August.






Born into a Nigerian family, in Los Angeles United States of America in 1994, Kimberly had dreamt of flying a plan and becoming a cardiovascular surgeon after her college education.
Sweet and polite Kimberly has been able to make herself, family and Nigeria proud by flying across the United States at only age 15. Her zeal and determination has given a place in the Guinness book of records and earned her global recognition.

Brave and determined Kimberly did something out of the ordinary, a thing most of her peers wouldn’t have been able to do, flying a single-engine Cessna cross-country from Compton, California to Newport News, Virginia with very little technical help form safety pilot Ronnell Norman and a certified commercial pilot.

Kimberly had determinedly paid her way through the lessons working several regular jobs. She was reported to have washed airplanes as well as done other errands to earn what was called, ‘museum dollars,’ which she traded in for flight lessons. All this she did while still focused on achieving her dream of flying. She maintained an outstanding academic record during this period which was a criteria for remaining on the programme.
She took lessons and training from the Compton-based Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) ran by Tuskegee Airmen Foundation, a foundation. She was able to learn all of the possible things needed to enable this success journey.

alg-kimberly-anyadike-jpgWhile growing up, she had the opportunity of engaging in activities such as junior lifeguard at Venice Beach, interest in dancing and attended the Lula Washington. Dance Academy, charity works, an active church member enabling her piano, guitar and violin lessons.
Kimberly Anyadike is such an Inspiration to teens and adolescents in Nigeria and across the globe. Keep up the good work and Congratulations to Kimberly Anyadike; the EMEDITH Adolescent of the Month for August!

The EMEDITH Adolescent of the Month of July

Meet Zuriel Oduwole, the EMEDITH Adolescent  of the month of July.

She is the 12 year old filmmaker and has interviewed 14 Heads of state,

Zuriel Oduwole who was born in California by a Nigerian father and a Mauritian mother is often described as The World’s Youngest Filmmaker. Just at age 12,  She has been able to produce four documentaries films– all of which focuses on African issues.

Her journey into film making  started three years ago when she decided to enter a school documentary film making competition in Ghana revolution. After her first encounter into film making, Zuriel decided she was going to make movies.
Zuriel’s second and third works are , “Education and Healing Africa Out of Poverty,” and  “Technology in Educational Development.”

“A Promising Africa”, Zuriel’s current project, has earned her considerable fame, as well as the fact that young Zuriel, remarkably, has interviewed 14 heads of state; a few of those include the Presidents of Tanzania, Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria and Cape Verde, as well as Nigerian business Mogul and 46th Forbes richest man in the world Mr. Aliko Dangote.

Some of Zuriel’s achievments are:

  • Business Insider’s world’s 100 most powerful individuals 2014
  • International Education Advocate via ‘Dream up, Speak Up, Stand up’: Spoken to over 21,000 students in nine countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Zuriel Oduwole is the EMEDITH adolescent of the month of JULY. Congratulations Zuriel!

zuriel interviewing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia